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Designer Stories: Landberk - Skull Mushroom Cosmetics Co.

Designer Stories: Landberk

Landberk is the artistic force behind one of Skull Mushroom's most captivating Grime Killer bottle designs. We delve into the genesis of design, career wisdom, and the unique inspirations propelling this visionary artist's journey. In this interview, Landberk not only unveils the layers of his design narrative but also shares glimpses of a future where creativity, collaboration, and a touch of cosmic whimsy converge.

Q: What age were you when you first started designing anything? What did you design?

A: My design journey set sail in 2008 when I was around 23 years old. Nestled in the surfing industry, my early designs adorned co-cards and store branch t-shirts. During these formative years, I had the privilege of collaborating with illustrious brands like Quicksilver, Volcom, Ripcurl, and DC, which profoundly influenced my design aesthetic.

Q: If you could be anyone in the design world for a day, who would you pick and why?

A: Brandon Heart would be my ephemeral alter ego. Despite his elusive presence on social media, his silent yet globally renowned artwork has long been a source of inspiration. A day in his creative shoes would be a fascinating immersion into his artistic realm, understanding the nuances of his process and the creative choices that define his iconic style.

Blink 182 poster design by Brandon Heart

Q: What's the best career advice you've ever received?

A: The beacon of wisdom guiding my career is simple yet profound: Keep doing, keep learning, keep trying. This advice became a mantra, propelling me forward in the ever-evolving world of design. The journey is continuous, and embracing this philosophy has been the key to my growth.

Q: When you're running low on motivation, what do you do to pick yourself up?

A: Motivational slumps are inevitable, but when they hit, I turn to the camaraderie of designer friends. Engaging in conversations, sharing experiences, and immersing myself in the creative energy of others often becomes the spark needed to reignite my own inspiration. Occasionally, a therapeutic run serves as both a physical and mental reset.

Q: If money were no object, what would you do with your time?

A: In a world unbound by financial constraints, my focus would shift to spending quality time with my little family. The pursuit of making my parents proud would become a cherished endeavor, possibly involving travel, exploration, and the creation of meaningful memories.

Q: Who do you dream of collaborating with one day and why?

A: Currently, my dream collaboration orbits around Luke Preece, a celebrated illustrator whose work resonates across various musical landscapes. The prospect of merging creative forces with such a notable talent fuels my aspirations. I admire his ability to capture the essence of music in visual form, and collaborating on a project would be a harmonious blend of our artistic energies.

Santa Cruz Design by Luke Peerce

Q: What are you most excited about in the world of design today?

A: The ever-expanding circle of friends, accumulating experiences, and engaging with diverse clients form the core of my excitement in the world of design. Each new interaction brings a fresh perspective, allowing me to enrich my creative landscape and push the boundaries of my own artistic expression.

Q: What worries or scares you about the future of design?

A: The specter of AI looms on the horizon, a potential thief of creativity. While concerns exist about AI generating designs, the belief in the unmatched prowess of manual optimization persists. The delicate balance between technological advancements and preserving the authenticity of human creativity remains a concern for the future of design.

Q: What do you think will be the biggest shift in design over the next 20 years?

A: Anticipating a nostalgic return to vintage aesthetics, a departure from the monotony of modern tastes. The cyclical nature of trends suggests a renaissance of classic styles, breathing new life into design. As the world seeks a balance between innovation and a yearning for the familiar, designers may find themselves navigating a landscape where the past and present converge.

Landberk Design

Q: If you won a chance to be in the first group of humans to colonize Mars, with the risk of never returning to Earth, would you go and why?

A: Earth's vast unexplored territories beckon, dissuading me from venturing beyond its bounds. The allure of undiscovered places on our home planet remains a priority. While the idea of Mars colonization is intriguing, the abundance of unexplored landscapes on Earth fuels a desire to continue unraveling the mysteries of our own planet.

Q: What do you believe that few might agree with?

A: Embracing a touch of humor, the existence of aliens might just be a reality. A whimsical belief that sparks curiosity and adds a cosmic flavor to the mysteries of life. LOL. While the notion may seem fanciful to some, the vastness of the universe invites contemplation on the possibility of extraterrestrial life, sparking conversations that transcend the boundaries of conventional beliefs.

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  • Landberk x Grime Killer Hand Wash #1 - Skull Mushroom Cosmetics Co.
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Skull Mushroom proudly introduces a collaboration with the dynamic designer Landberk, the alter ego of the multitalented Bhahtiar Nugroho Adiputro, affectionately known as Adi. Fueled by a passion for motorcycles, Adi's creative prowess takes center stage in this limited edition Grime Killer bottle.

Adi brings a wealth of experience from his time in the surfing industry. With a professional background that intertwines with renowned brands like Quicksilver, Volcom, Ripcurl, and DC, Adi understands the art of building strong relationships.

The limited edition Grime Killer bottle designed by Landberk is a testament to Adi's love for motorcycles and his belief in the power of strong relationships. Expect a design that captures the essence of freedom, exploration, and the intertwining threads of connection. Landberk's creative vision transforms the Grime Killer bottle into a canvas where passion and artistry converge. Join us in making hand hygiene a ride of creativity with the Landberk x Grime Killer Hand Wash.


Our iconic Grime Killer Handwash is gentle on every skin type and eliminates dirt without declaring war on your skin's natural allies - the good bacteria. Grime Killer proudly boasts a 100% biodegradable formula. From the first pump to the last rinse, every drop of Grime Killer is designed to break down naturally, leaving no trace of harm to the environment.

  • Gluten free, Nut free and Vegan
  • 98% Natural origin of total
  • Plant-based Ingredients from organic farming
  • Ingredients: Aqua/Water, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Betaine, Coco-Glucoside, Citric Acid, Parfum/Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Benzyl Alcohol, Pyrus Cydonia (Quince) Fruit Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

With Grime Killer, you're not just washing away dirt; you're embracing a cleaner, greener future—one where every act of cleanliness is a pledge to protect both your well-being and the planet we call home. Join us in the movement for a cleaner, more sustainable world.

COSMOS NATURAL certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard available at http://COSMOS.ecocert.com


Our dedication to eco-friendliness extends beyond the formulation of Grime Killer to the entire lifecycle of our products, including the delivery process. We take pride in delivering your Grime Killer in packaging that not only withstands the rigors of transportation but also treads lightly on our precious planet.

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