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Kill your Grime.

Our hands are clean. Fuelled by a rebellious commitment to environmental awareness, Skull Mushroom packs a punch with ethically sourced, raw ingredients, and sustainable packaging.

Our iconic Grime Killer Handwash is gentle on every skin type and eliminates dirt without declaring war on your skin's natural allies - the good bacteria.

The original
  • 95% of plant-based ingredients from organic farming

    With 95% of plant-based ingredients coming from organic farming, Skull Mushroom supports organic agriculture and biodiversity, restricting the use of chemicals.

  • 100% Biodegradable formula

    From the first pump to the last rinse, every drop of our handwash is designed to break down naturally, leaving no trace of harm to the environment. We believe in creating products that not only elevate your daily routine but also contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world.

  • 0% Shady ingredients

    All Skull Mushroom products are totally free from synthetic fragrances, artificial colorants, chemical UV filters or other questionable ingredients.

How Skull Mushroom works
  • Kills your grime

    Regular sanitizers don't remove anything: they only disinfect bacteria and can leave pesticides or spores on your hands. Skull Mushroom works a little differently, it lifts away dangerous agents and filth that get on your hands.

  • Grow your good germs

    Our bodies are teeming with good bacteria that help us prevent diseases, and even stave off infections from happening in the first place. While alcohol-based sanitizers are killing microbes, they are also altering the communities of beneficial bacteria on the skin.

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